Web Directions South links

I mentioned a bunch of things for people to check out during my Web Directions talk on Friday 15th October. Here they are:

The older stuff was Helma (old Rhino based framework), Ringo.js (the replacement for Helma), AppJet (now gone), Aptana Jaxer and Flusspferd (C++ bindings).

The databases mentioned are MongoDB, Riak and CouchDB, all of which allow you to write views using JavaScript.

The rest of the stuff to look at was node related: CoffeeScript, Vows (async BDD for node), Kyuri (gherkin for Vows), nodeunit (unit testing tool based on node assert module), npm (node package manager, also, check out this list of npm modules ), Cake (under CoffeeScript site) and Jake.

In addition I mentioned the composition challenge when you have lots of event-driven code and suggested Arrows in JavaScript and Reactive Extensions for JavaScript.

Finally, check out the Strawman part of the ES-Harmony wiki to see the ideas that are going around for JavaScript going forward.

CoffeeScript in Action

CoffeeScript in Action book cover

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