Web directions government presentation

I presented a talk on JavaScript at Web Directions Government on the 19th of May.

The title of the presentation was “One paper clip, a box of matches and some JavaScript” with the focus primarily being on the approach you need to take with the language when working in less than favorable circumstances…

Of course - given browser inconsistencies and a long history of people abusing the bad parts of JavaScript and ignoring the good - “less than favorable” circumstances is another term for “all the time.”

My slides got cropped rather badly when I uploaded to SlideShare so instead they are available as a 2MB PDF.

You can find more details and a podcast of my talk over at the Web Directions site. As a piece of errata, Brendan Eich, of course, was actually working at Netscape. The minor slip of the tongue there was due to me also talking about Self in that section, which at the time was a research project at Sun.

CoffeeScript in Action

CoffeeScript in Action book cover

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